Posted: Monday, February 27th, 2017 by Gaelyn Whitley Keith

AHHHHHHHH! Reduccing clutter - mental and physical can lighten our journey.  Streamlining your home, your car, your email inbox, and most importantly your '''Self-Talk''' makes such a difference in life.  Reduce the clutter, and you're likely to reduce your stress.  This will give you more time to reach your goals. Organizing your '''self-talk''' can banish distractions so you can focus on the things that really matter to you, including your health, business, and personal relationships.  One recent study found that a chaotic enviroment can leave you vulnerable to making unhealthy choices.  A clean sweep can help you organize your '''self-talk''' to promote healthy behaviors.   Here are a few things to start saying:

*  I never allow the word "no" to stop me or even slow me down.  

* I have good ideas and I am able to express my ideas in a clear and interesting way.  

* Since my imagination has no limits, my creativity knows no bounds.  

Thanks to a free five-day on-line course offered by Paper Moon Interiors I learned so many helpful hints to use to declutter my office.  If you go to the website you can still catch the class.  Now that my office is organized I have more free time for the things I love.  What area's of your life do you need to declutter?


Posted: Monday, February 13th, 2017 by Gaelyn Whitley Keith

Billionaire Warren Buffett tells us that this is the most valuable skill we should learn.

Imagine working on one skill in 2017 that--once you improve it--will raise your value by 50 percent. That one skill is public speaking.  The dividends on the investment you make in sharpening your communication skills will pay off for the rest of your career. Don't take my word for it. Listen to billionaire Warren Buffett's advice to a class of business students at Columbia University back in 2009:File:Warren Buffett KU Visit.jpg"Right now, I would pay $100,000 for 10 percent of the future earnings of any of you, so if you're interested, see me after class."

After the laughter subsided, he turned serious.

"Now, you can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills--public speaking. If that's the case, see me after class and I'll pay you $150,000."

Buffett's point is that mastering the art of public speaking is the single greatest skill to boost your career.

You might be thinking, "That's great, but I have a fear of public speaking." That's OK. Buffett was actually terrified too.  That is where your "SELF-TALK''' comes into play.  

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Posted: Sunday, January 15th, 2017 by Gaelyn Whitley Keith

I remember the day I received a vivid lesson on the subtle power of what we hear.  A friend of mine and I were enjoying a great time of fellowship over lunch.  We were talking about "'Self-Talk"' and the benefits we receive for listening to it on a daily basis.  We sat there for over an hour totally caught up in our conversation with each other.  Background music was softly being played.

As we walked out to our cars later, we both started signing the chorus to the song we recently heard.  We hadn't even really listened to the song, yet it had penetrated our spirits and was now lingering in our cousciousness.  Our mouths automatically started speaking what had been sown in our hearts through the gateway of our ears.  

That's why you need to be so selective about what type of conversation you permit yourself to hear.  Stop hanging around with people that constantly talk about their doubt and fears.  You can't do it without being adversely affected.   You may say, "oh , I just let those thoughts go in one ear and out the other."  But that's impossible!  Just as we ended up singing that song, you'll end up signing you friend's song of doubt and fear when times get tough.  

You simply must guard your ears.  The words you habitually listen to will become what you believe!!!

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Last night’s Super Bowl game was one for the record books!
All told, 24 Super Bowl records were topped and seven were tied.
“Most games played” to Tom Brady…
“Most games coached” to Bill Belichick…
“First Super Bowl won in overtime” to the Patriots… to name a few.
Before the game got interesting, I heard Joe Buck and the TV crew mention that no team in Super Bowl history had ever overcome a deficit of more than 10 points. I thought that was pretty lame! A 10-point lead can’t be overcome?! “Well, maybe tonight…The Patriots’ record-breaking comeback highlights an important truth about investing more time in the "'self-talk"' we listen to. 

The future may bring what the past has not.
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This "'Self-Talk"' Video was inspired by Dr. Shad Helmstetter, who without dieting lost 38 lbs in 10 and a half weeks!   In his book "What to say When You Talk To Yourself" he compares our mind to a computer and that it's programmed in a very similar way.

Dr. Helmstetter listen to this; and if you would like to try '"Self-Talk"' free for a month go to:
You can put "'Self-Talk on your phone and listen to it any where you go.    
 From the moment we were born, all messages we received through our five senses are recorded in our brain. That part of the brain does not know the difference between good or bad or right or wrong. Eventually we started repeating these messages to ourselves until we believed that they are true and develop us into who we are today. This "Law of Repetition" as the Author describes it is what's called "'Self-Talk"'. The good news is just like a computer we can re- program our brain with Self-Talk. The Author also talks about the problem he had with his weight. He had tried numerous diets which failed. He then discovered that self-talk was helping Olympic Athletes achieve gold medals, so he decided to tackle the weight problem with "'Self- talk"'. It worked! Without dieting he lost 38 lb in 10 and a half weeks listening to "'self-talk"' audio while shaving each morning in front of a mirror. The astounding thing was his wife also unintentionally lost 25 lbs while overhearing the "'self- talk"' audio on the other side of the bathroom while she was putting on her makeup. The following "'Self-Talk"' audio was developed using Shad Helmstetter 's guidelines and is aimed at helping you lose weight without dieting but by reprogramming your mind using "'Self-Talk"'. The idea is that you listen to the audio on a daily basis for an extended time period until you see results. At first don't worry if this '"Self-Talk"' Audio conflicts with your beliefs; this is normal. These messages will become ingrained in your mind and become a part of you.