Your Red Sea Moment!

Ever felt as though you were trapped and there is no way out? Where do you turn for help? Did God really part the Red Sea or is it just a fable? What can you do to change things in your world? What type of evidence do you need to know the Truth?

Website showing were Children of Isreal crossed the Red Sea

New Audio : Not Alone by Gaelyn Whitley Keith

You will have to live with the consequences of everything you say. Proverbs 18:20

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Quantum Change!

Change happens. It is one of the few constants in life. Most people map out a path of gradual, step-by-step, linear change for their lives (think s-l-o-w). However, it's quantum change: "seeing the light", a "bolt out of the blue" that makes the most significant transformations in our lives. How does quantum change happen? Why do some of us experience it and what kind of people do we want to become as a result? This is worth thinking about. That is why for the past 10 years I have encouraged everyone to watch what they are saying. It is the little everyday things we said in the past that are making our todays. The simplest way I know to begin changing your self-talk is to try our new app. It is free for a month. You just turn it on and let it play in the background as you cook dinner or commute to work. Give it a try. Its free – so what do you have to lose? Nothing – but you have a whole new world to gain.

Truth-talk will change your world!

"You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free." Notice it does not say, "You shall hear the Truth and the Truth will set you free. To obtain the blessing God has promised you must get to know him. Just hearing and quoting his word is not enough. Faith without works is dead. Reading and mediatating on the Word will not build your faith. Reading and mediatating on the Word will feed your faith and build a capacity for faith, but faith must also be a part of our daily speech. In other words, the Word that you feed on has to be exercised daily. It has to become a part of your daily speech. That word has to become a part of your daily actions.

Pentecost Rice Experiment