Is this the type of prayer that Jesus prayed? Is this the type of prayer you pray? “Lord, we bring before you the ongoing struggles of [Name]. We ask for your enduring strength and grace to sustain them in their journey. Grant them patience and faith as they navigate this difficult path. Please use this experience to draw them closer to you and deepen their trust in your plan. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.” Has it worked?

The Life of Hollywood by Grace D
Grace D recently earned the Gold Girl Scout Award. Animal rescue has always been one of her passions. Help her continue in this endeavor by purchasing her newly published book Just click on the book cover.
Proceeds go to Dog Rescue.

Graces Paints Rescue Pups
Grace loves painting dogs to help raise money for rescued pups. She started at age 13 and now at 15 she has mastered her technique. At Christmas time it is really nice to help out Dog Rescues as donations can go down as people are busy buying presents for family and friends. You can view her other paintings under Grace D paints. If you are interested in having a picture painted for your pup contact us.
Luke's Pup Bobby

A Light In The Darkness
If you’ve spent any time in Hollywood driving along the 101 Hollywood Freeway, then you’ve likely noticed the giant, illuminated cross on top of a hill just to the north of Whitley Heights. Every time we drove by this Cross, most of us wondered why is it there.

Quantum Faith - How It Works
Bringing things down to their atomic level and learning that scientifically these particles respond to people will have a significant effect on your faith. In the quantum, subatomic arena, there are only possibilities and probabilities. There is infinite possibilities