Book of Job - Lesson 2

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Today we discuss why Job faces trials from Satan. Originally God calls Job righteous. He is righteous because he follows the rules of God's law. The Devil causes Job to fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. Faith is required to maintain the hedge of God.

Book of Job - Lesson 1

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Some questions you may be asking yourself.

1. Why do we want to devote our time to study Job and try to understand it better?

2. Is it because we all sense that there is something we need from this book, something we do not understand?

3. Why is there suffering in the world?

4. More specifically, why should we make a careful and thoughtful study of the whole of the book of Job, rather than being satisfied with a rough idea of the storyline and a few highlights?

5. Why read the whole book rather than just watch the movie highlights through a short miniseries?

These are a good question!

After all, Job is a long and demanding book. Parts of it are hard to fathom, and plenty of it is dark and distressing. You and I need a good reason to plunge right in to the detail. So why did I decide to write this study? Over the years I have read the Bible cover to cover many times. To switch things up a bit, one time I read the chronological Bible. I was surprised to find that Job was the first book. How could that be? What was so important in Job that it was the first book God gave to mankind? What could I learn from it? So, my quest to find the answer began and I would like to share with you what I learned. According to conventional wisdom, many people believe that if they live an upright live like Job they should be blessed, not cursed.Together we can discover the answers to these questions.

Truth Wins Project

Our desire is to start a '''Truth-Talk''' Room that will serve as a gathering place where we could come together to learn about '''Truth-Talk'''. We’ll share answers. We’ll tell you what we’re thankful for and what we still are learning. We’ll keep it up to date with new requests, as well as collect answers so you know how '''Self-Talk''' is working to make America Great Again.  

The '''Truth-Talk''' Room is a web-based experience, so you’ll need to have a good Wi-Fi connection in order to come in and learn.  It doesn’t matter if you stay for 5 minutes or an hour.  The corporate '''Truth-Talk'''of America will add up and have an amazing impact on our planet. 

Creating a Positive Picture of You

Listen to this session at the beginning of each day. The way we start the day sets up the entire day to either work for us or against us. When you start each day with a picture of you that shows you at your best, you’ll be setting yourself up for a more successful day.

If you are new to '''Truth-Talk''', we will lead you through a sample to help you get started.  We hope it will be the best time of your week, and that you’ll leave the '''Truth-Talk''' Room more refreshed than when you went in!

To sign up, you’ll create a log in, and then click the area that interest you. We hope you’ll come in often, and be one of our regular '''Truth-Talk''' warriors.

We know that somehow in God’s economy, our '''Truth-Talk''' matters. He tells us: “The sower sowed the word.  But those that were sown on the good soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit, thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold. Mark 4:14-20

Check back in a few weeks for an update on how to sign up.