It is not always the easiest thing in the world to speak positive "'Truth-Talk"'. There is a fight to it. "'Truth-Talk"' always has a good report. You have to fight to maintain a good report. It is not easy to do so when problems are standing there looking you in the face and you feel hopeless. Yet you must maintain a good report. The only thing that will put you over is speaking positive faith filled words. If you speak negative words then you are not in the fight of faith.

In the face of seeming defeat - when you are arguing with yourself that your positive "'Truth-Talk"' is a lie - fight the good fight of faith! Fight to maintain a good report. Do not tell people how you feel. Do not whine about your problems. Do not tell people about your aches and pains.

Everything in this world is programmed negatively. News rarely reports anything good. It is always bad. They always tell why a person won't succeed.

"So how are you?

I would like to encourage you to listen to positive "'Truth-Talk"'on a daily basis. It is designed to teach you a complete ‘language of success,’ and it goes far beyond reading or repeating a few positive affirmations now and then. By listening to "'Truth-Talk"', you’re learning an entire ‘success vocabulary’ that applies to every important area of your life. A few affirmations, by themselves, may help you in the moment, but learning the right "'truth-talk"' actually rewires the brain, and will change your programs for a lifetime.

Creating a Positive Picture of You

Listen to this session at the beginning of each day. The way we start the day sets up the entire day to either work for us or against us. When you start each day with a picture of you that shows you at your best, you’ll be setting yourself up for a more successful day.