If you continue to expect your self to make sweeping changes without recognizing that the brain just doesn't work that way, you will be frustrated and unfulfilled, upset with life, quietly angry and not knowing why.

As an individual, it is your own programming that is responsible for making you the way you are and influencing how you live your life, each and every day.  It is the programming each of us contains that makes society as a whole the way it is.

Up to now, most of our programming has been a mess. Three fourths of our own ""truth-talk"' is working against us, and unless we do something about it, the situation isn't going to get any better.

Take a look at the results:  Behavioral researchers tell us that as much as 60 percent of the work force in the United States say they would like to be doing something else; one half of all marriages end in divorce; as many as half of all graduating high school students have experimented with rugs; alcoholism is at an all-time high and 30 percent or more of all adults suffer from some form of frequent or chronic depression.

 The list goes on much longer than it shoud and it is much longer than it would be if we learned to manage our lives toward achieving the best for ourselves instead of allowing our own questionable programming to manage us toward attaining much less.  The wrong kinds of subconscious programs, those that create negative results in our lives, have played an everpresent and often negative role in determining how well things work our. 

Our own programing has done us an injustice.  Because of it we have gotten pretty good at doing things wrong.  It is time we started learning how to do things right. 

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