Posted: Sunday, March 26th, 2017 by Gaelyn Whitley Keith

Can you guess what area of the picture is showing negative '''self-talk'''? Stress is the direct result of toxic '''self-talk'''. The affects of stress may seem overwhelming, but don't be discouraged because it really is possible to change your '''self-talk'''.



If your '''self-talk''' is toxic, you have toxic memories physically built into the nerve networks of your brain. The chemicals that accompany negative '''self-talk'''course through your body in a myriad of toxic charged reactions.  When you are under extreme stress, chemicals flood your body and create physical effects caused by intense feelings. Feelings of anger, fear, anxiety or bitterness make you sick. Stress chemicals are the kind of guest the Ben Franklin warned us about. They stink after three days.

There is a huge body of scientific research on this topic supporting the importance of dealing with you '''self-talk''' when it comes to stress. But the Bible is the greatest resource, telling us the "life and death are in the power of the tongue."

An illustration of when you system is out of balance is when your immune system becomes compromised. You may not know that your immune system kills most cancer cells. When cancer cells float around in your body, mighty little soldiers from you immune system destroy them - most of the time. If you are intensely worried, depressed, anxious or angry and constantly speaking of the event or person who caused you to be in that state, you can make stressors (toxic thoughts) become stronger. These stressors put your body into a stressful state because, as you should already know, stress causes the wrong quanities of chemicals to be released. These chemicals flow through the body and can distort the DNA of your immune cells, which can make them less effective in killing cancer cells. This is an extreme example of bad '''self-talk'''.

We don't have to stay in this place of negative '''self-talk'''. That is why we developed positive '''self-talk''' that you could listen to several times a day on your iPhone.  Get a free 30 day membership of '''self-talk'''. 

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