Posted: Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 by Gaelyn Whitley Keith

This "'Truth-Talk"' Video was inspired by Dr. Shad Helmstetter, who without dieting lost 38 lbs in 10 and a half weeks!   In his book "What to say When You Talk To Yourself" he compares our mind to a computer and that it's programmed in a very similar way.

Dr. Helmstetter listen to this; and if you would like to try '"Truth-Talk"' free for a month go to:
You can put "'Truth-Talk"' on your phone and listen to it any where you go.    
 From the moment we were born, all messages we received through our five senses are recorded in our brain. That part of the brain does not know the difference between good or bad or right or wrong. Eventually we started repeating these messages to ourselves until we believed that they are true and develop us into who we are today. This "Law of Repetition" as the Author describes it is what's called "'Truth-Talk"'. The good news is just like a computer we can re- program our brain with "'Truth-Talk"'. The Author also talks about the problem he had with his weight. He had tried numerous diets which failed. He then discovered that "'Truth-talk"' was helping Olympic Athletes achieve gold medals, so he decided to tackle the weight problem with "'Truth-talk"'. It worked! Without dieting he lost 38 lb in 10 and a half weeks listening to "'Truth-talk"' audio while shaving each morning in front of a mirror. The astounding thing was his wife also unintentionally lost 25 lbs while overhearing the "'Truth- talk"' audio on the other side of the bathroom while she was putting on her makeup. The following "'Truth-Talk"' audio was developed using Shad Helmstetter 's guidelines and is aimed at helping you lose weight without dieting but by reprogramming your mind using "'Truth-Talk"'. The idea is that you listen to the audio on a daily basis for an extended time period until you see results. At first don't worry if this '"Truth-Talk"' Audio conflicts with your beliefs; this is normal. These messages will become ingrained in your mind and become a part of you.