Let’s cut to the chase: Sometimes things just don’t go the way you want them to. Does that stink? Sure. Is there a way to make changes and course correct for next time? You bet. Try This!

1. Imagine there’s a recording of what you had been saying in the past that you didn’t love. Rewind your mind. Make a note of what you’re saying, what’s going on around you, and even what you’re thinking.
2. Spot a moment that might have contributed to your challenge, the ones where you wished could stop the tape and change what you said.
3. Pick just one thing to tweak and record. What did you shift?
4. Press play on the video. Did the outcome ultimately change? Pinpoint what leads you to success and repeat it.

If you’ve ever blamed yourself for not feeling motivated enough the Rewind the Recording technique will help you. In addition, listening to SelfTalkPlus helps. Looking back can help connect the dots to see what factors were at play and notice any patterns in your actions, thoughts and feelings. You are now equipped with the right tools to have a new future.