Posted: Thursday, December 9th, 2021 by Gaelyn Whitley Keith

Right before the election in 2008 I had a dream about an election. It was a bit confusing and disturbing. Hard to figure out as nothing like this had happened in history. It is very clear in the U S Constitution how an empty seat in the office of President or Vice President will be filled. In my dream God had other plans. The people in office would fall and their replacemnets would come in an unheard of manner. No one would rebel. People will be speechless. Everyone realized it was done by God. Many others would experience God's judgement. No man will cause this to happen. This is a bit vague but something to be watching for.

It is important to realize that the Lord (the Law maker) and God (the loving Father) play different roles. No one is above the Law. It will perform its purpose. Equally God is merciful, loving and full of grace. Just something to think about over Christmas.