What Is '''Self-Talk''' ? 

Gaelyn Whitley Keith informs us in an author’s note that her husband devised the Keith punctuation mark “‘ indicating thoughts that are spoken in the mind. It is a new form of punctuation that helps explain to the reader why things happen. This novel is a creative work of fiction that imparts wisdom and truth about the affects of what happens when one talks to one’s self.‘ Her first published book was ‘The Father of Hollywood.'

Today, with almost everyday accompanied by news of violence and madness that makes our worldview seem warped – today would be a good day to read NOT ALONE. Gaelyn introduces the mystery of the beyond, of spiritual beliefs and places those concepts in the form of angels – at times even appearing as surfers pointing out the magnificence of God’s creations. She focuses on the character Joseph MIchael Moretti, electing to open her book with a description of Joe at his lowest ebb: ‘Joseph Michael Moretti awakened to the muffled crying coming from the guest room. Grace’s sobbing echoed in his mind. Quickly dressing, he slipped on a pair of flip-flops and headed downstairs for a cup of coffee….Seeing a couple of guys surfing in the distance, Joe craved to have the energy to join them. If only he could muster the strength. Not anymore. He just couldn’t. Once he had thought of himself as unstoppable— a shrewd businessman, stylish, even sexy when he wanted to be. But his face seemed too careworn now, his cheekbones too protruding, and the gloominess too deep. The restless nights had taken their toll leaving his brown eyes heavily sunken. Sitting like a stagnant pond clouded by fear, he wondered what evil lurked below the surface, what unbearable pain might soon unfold?... “‘ Why has this happened to my family? When will it stop? The pain! I can’t take it anymore! Why can’t someone, anyone help me?’” Bewildered, he sat puzzling over the past events one more time. He felt alone, disconnected, and alienated even from Grace. His life no longer had rules, boundaries, or protocols. His grief stripped him of everything he understood. His life used to be so blissful, so free of worry, so free of pain. Of course things had changed. The fates are so cruel. Everything switched around, and his life took such dark turns, knocking him into the abyss of uncontrollable suffering and despair. He had lost them— forever. He never got to say goodbye.’

And at this juncture she introduces Joshua, the blond surfer, who Joe can see at times and not visualize at others. That is a taste of what is in store for the reader. As Gaelyn personally summarizes - ‘Readers familiar with C. S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters will find the behind-the-scenes interplay between the angels and demons familiar yet still fresh and interesting. Despite its zoomed-in focus on Joe and Grace, the movements and deployments of the demons and the observatory defenses of the angels are covered in a fashion one would expect of a military history story. Additionally, nearly every demon is accompanied by a harrowing description of grotesque features and actions designed to complement their respective nefarious specialties. Once the battles begin between the angels and the demons, the action can be quite fast and frenetic as each side seeks to seize the souls of Joe and Grace at all costs.’

For books such as this the time has come. We all need the security that we are NOT ALONE. Grady Harp, July 16

'''Self-Talk''' is the key to a better you. Learn to rewire your brain, change your old programs, get past them and become the sucessful person you were designed to be. Now is the time to become the best version of you! 

Do I need a Life Coach?

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What does it cost?

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